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Install Python on Windows

Use the following link to download and follow the on screen instructions.

Link to Download python for windows

Python Packages

Open terminal for macOS or windows prompt for Windows and run the following commands:

jupyter notebook

pip install notebook


pip install requests


pip install beautifulsoup4


pip install flask


pip install pyrebase

What's going on?

We are now installing packages using pip which is the Python Package Manager. Since python is an open sourced programming language, many other developers have come up with amazing tools to enhance the use of python. These tools are what we call packages in which we use pip to manage those packages. To download a package using pip, we use a shell to interact with the computer. Opening terminal for macOS or command prompt for Windows: We run commands that look like this: pip install <name of package> TLDR: We download other people's code to use for our own so that we don't have to code out the same thing over and over again.

Wait what is a shell?

Computers you use now have graphical interface in which we press buttons to make the computer do stuff. However, what if we want to do more than what the buttons can do? That's why we have a shell, a texted based interface which we use to interact with the computer.