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How to Become a 3DC Member

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23 Sep 2020 01 Jan 2021

Why Join 3DC?

Everyone can participate in 3DC-organised events with or without being a member of 3DC, we also extend our events to other local universities from time to time. We are an open community.

However, we do have 3 groups of people within our 3DC Family.

  1. Non-members - You can participate in 3DC events freely, no commitments, but also no Fifth-Row record.
  2. 3DC Members - You can participate in 3DC events based on your preference, get more involved in projects/ workshops/ Hackathons. You will get the official Fifth-Row records on your Fifth-Row transcript.
  3. 3DC Core Team - We organize events, we host Hackathons, we build communities and everything behind the scene. You will get leadership experience and strong records on your Fifth-Row records and your Résumé.

The rest of the page tells you how to become a 3DC Members. If you are interested to join 3DC Core Team, please also check this out.

3 Pathways to Gain Membership

You can choose one of the following 3 pathways to become a 3DC member. (ps: The requirements are not that hard to achieve, and you can definitely make it if you keen to!)

Pathway 1: Do a Project with 3DC

Doing practical software projects is the best way to learn programming, software development, and computer science. We encourage you to do a software development projects with 3DC, that means you get unlimited support from the 3DC community; we will assign you a mentor from our core team to guide you along the way; You get to showcase your finished project on 3DC's website, get exposures and opportunities.

What kind of "project" can I do?

Don't be afraid, this "project" can be anything at any scale, we just want to encourage you to learn with the community.

These projects can be:

  • Self-Initiated (Come up with your own idea.)
  • Mentor-Suggested (You can ask for ideas if you can't think of any.)
  • School-proposed (Sometimes you can work with the school to serve real-world needs by building applications.)

Pathway 2: Organise a Workshop with 3DC

If you have passion about certain technical topics that you wanna share it with your peers, or if you are passionate about teaching and helping others. You can cooperate with 3DC and organize a workshop/ lecture/ sharing session. Teaching others is the best way to reinforce your knowledge at any discipline.

3DC can help you with:

  • Event application & administrative matters
  • Event publicity & announcement
  • Workshop content refinement, quality control
  • Video recording/steaming
  • TA supports

You can gain:

  • Workshop directing experience
  • Official fifth-row record
  • 3DC membership for a year

What kind of "workshop" can I do?

Note: Topic of workshop/ lecture/ sharing session is not limited at all, you can pick any topic of your like, present it at any level of difficulty of your like. We only wish that you are passionate about what you are sharing, and we wish the topic to be as diverse as possible.

For workshops, it should engage participants with hands-on activities, the pace of the workshop should be as slow as possible. Lecturing time versus hands-on activity time should be around 50:50. Some example topics for workshops may look like:

  • How to build your first website
  • How to build a native iOS App with SwiftUI
  • How to build a Todo App using ReactJS

For lectures, you can have fewer interactions with the audience, you don't need to design any hands-on activities. Some topics suit for lecture may look like:

  • What is vim and why you should give it a try
  • What are the best practices in using Vue.JS
  • What is parallelism in Python and how do you use it.

For sharing sessions, you can share about your internship experience, UROP experience, job-finding experience. It should come with a longer Q&A time. Some example topics for inspiration:

  • Start-up or Big Corp, which one should you choose?
  • How to prepare for technical interview
  • Undergraduate research 101 - UROP experience sharing

Pathway 3: Join a Hackathon with 3DC

Team up with anyone in the 3DC Community, represent 3DC and participate in a hackathon.