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Google Tech Challenge (GTC)

IAP 2021 is just around the corner, and we at 3DC have organised Google Tech Challenge! Google Tech Challenge comprises of a series of technical workshops to aid you in developing digital platforms, as well as a challenge.

Challenge Announcement

22/1/21 Update: We will be accepting submissions from "Introduction to Realtime Web Applications" IAP as well! To accommodate for this, we will also be extending the deadline for the GTC submission to 31st Jan.

We at 3DC believe in learning through hands-on. Therefore, we (optionally) challenge you (and your friends) to create your own application(s) either during or after the workshop, and submit them to us! Some ideas could be your own e-commerce platform or a club website! The best submission will win a Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, while the 10 best submissions will receive $5 GrabFood vouchers!

For the challenge submission itself, there will be no sign-up form, just make sure you have signed up for at least one workshop and submit your code/application to us by 31nd January 2020. The submission link and scoring criteria can be found at the bottom of the page.


All Workshops are virtual, apart from Telegram Bot workshop which is both physical and virtual, but physical signups for Telegram Bot workshop is closed

Date/Time Workshop Details Sign up Link
7-8 Jan 3pm-6pm
Web Dev
Interested in creating a website or web application? This two-day workshop will cover backend web development with Django and SQL, and frontend web development with ReactJS. Sign up
11-12 Jan 2pm-6pm
Android App Dev
Want to learn to create an interactive Android application? Come join us for a two-day workshop, which will first cover Android fundamentals, before covering adding interactivity to your Android application using Firebase. Sign up
13 Jan 3pm-6pm
Learn how to push your web application to the cloud! Participants will learn the basics of Linux, including setup and the command line interface, which will be useful for the cloud workshop. In the Cloud workshop, participants will learn how to deploy web applications on Google Cloud Platform. Sign up
14-15 Jan 9am-3pm
Telegram Bot
Want to make good use of your Python knowledge after CTD? Come join us in this two-day workshop to learn how to make your first Telegram Bot, hosted on Amazon Web Services. Sign up

Click here to submit

After you have finished any of our GTC workshops (Web, Android, Cloud or Telebot), you may submit your prototype/work you have done (either during or after workshops).

We are not expecting finished products or anything like that! Just apply the concepts you have learnt and show us what you've accomplished, you may stand to win a prize!

The scoring rules and criteria are as follows:

  1. Use at least one of the technologies from our workshops (Web, Android, Cloud, Telebot), or "Introduction to Realtime Web Applications" IAP, but you are free to use any other technologies in conjunction as well.
  2. Do not submit projects/work that has been started for some time already (i.e. no cheating)!
  3. We want to see good implementations of concepts learnt (can be on your own or during workshops)! Be creative!
  4. If you have multiple pieces of prototype/work (e.g. different workshops), please submit them together. Implementing multiple technologies well may help you score higher!
  5. Bonus points for cool ideas