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Core Team Members

kaixun Kai Xun
President, Google DSC Lead, Class of 2022

I'm a sophomore in ISTD. I initially picked up programming years ago as a hobby. It was only after completing A levels that i considered pursuing a career in ths field. Thus far, my experience has mainly been in web and app dev but I'm mostly interested in research into AI.

mark Huang He (Mark)
Vice-President, Class of 2022

I'm a computer science undergraduate specializing artificial intelligence at SUTD. I have multidisciplinary experiences as a software engineer and product manager in Agile software development teams. I am passionate about open-source and research in Computer Vision with Deep Learning.

shoham Shoham Chakraborty
Secretary, Class of 2022

I am passionate about helping people apply their software development skills to create practical and useful products for the public. I am personally interested in containers, cloud architecture, WebAssembly and WebXR. My main programming languages are Golang, Javascript and Python.

jason Jason Chow
Treasurer, Class of 2021

Just a guy who likes to dabble in every field of computer science. Favourites areas of interest include cloud, IoT and embedded, with a passion for web and mobile development.

shyam Shyam Sridhar
OpenNodes Campus Lead, Class of 2022

I am very passionate about Blockchain Technology and exploring how it can be used to solve real world business problems in todays world. I love scouting for opportunities for members or the community and providing them with useful and meaningful resources which is why I resonate well with the mission of the OpenNodes Campus Collective. Other interests of mine include pets and coffee.

naomi Naomi Kong-Vega
Class of 2022

I'm a sophomore in ISTD. I dabbled in some AI research before, and even got to publish some of my past projects. Currently, I'm interested in the new and emerging field of quantum computing and how it ties in with AI.

raph Raphael Yee
Class of 2024

A former film student turned full-stack engineer, I've worked at Carousell and MOE. My interests include web tech, infrastructure design and web scraping. The coolest thing I've built is a search engine that tracked price changes for >500k listings across Carousell, Qoo10 and Shopee using a serverless scraping architecture.

weihong Qiu Weihong
Class of 2024

My passion for programming started in Junior College, where I learnt the fundamentals of coding, and continued to explore different programming languages and technologies after graduating. Now in 3DC, I hope to sharpen my skills and broaden my skillset, and also help others explore their interest in programming.

saakshi Saakshi Vinod Saraf
Class of 2024

I'm passionate about programming and love mentoring at workshops where I can help others realise their interest in coding. I code mostly in back-end languages like C++, Java, and Python, but I also enjoy exploring other front-end languages and frameworks. Other fields I am interested in include Data Science and Cybersecurity.

clarence Clarence Lee
Class of 2024

Hi! I'm Clarence and I look forward to inspiring and building a strong community for a better SUTD. Areas: web development/mobile-development/machine learning/AI

bryce Bryce Goh
Class of 2024

Interested in anything software related. I enjoy teaching others and building an open community in SUTD, where people can come together to collaborate and learn.

divy Divy Chandra
Class of 2024

I am really passionate about programming, and I love to get others excited and passionate about programming as well. I am also interested in solving algorithmic problems, Mathematics and Physics, and using code to make visualisations for concepts in those topics. I have mainly worked with Java, Python and JavaScript and I am mostly interested in software and game development!