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Guide to Host Your First Workshop with 3DC

Hello friend, since you are reading this, I suppose you want to find out how to host your own workshop with the help and support from 3DC. Don't worry, it is not hard to get started.

Generally, things should to be determined from the start:

  • Topic (Anything! Technical / Non-technical)
  • Scope (Rough)
  • Intended Audience (Beginners / Experienced / Advanced)
  • Event Type (Workshop / Lecture / Sharing)
  • Date of Event (Rough)

You can think about above items on your own and then share your plan with us (3DC), but if you have any doubts about what might be suitable for your workshop, feel free to talk to us even without having answers to the above items, we can discuss them together.

So after you have the scope of the workshop planned out, you can start to prepare for you workshop material and we can work on administrative stuff together.

For workshop material:

  • We usually open source all of our materials (slides, notes, sample code etc) on GitHub.
  • For hands-on workshops, it is important to prepare a pre-workshop material for your audience if any software installation/ environment setup is required for your hands-on activity. Pre-workshop material can be used to get everyone on the same page as well by presenting background information/ foundation knowledge.
  • If would be best if you can get all of the materials ready on GitHub before the actual date of event, so we can send the link to the attendees via email before the event.
  • Format of releasing materials: .md(MarkDown) for main materials & notes, .pdf for slides, and source code (if any).

For admin & publicity:

  • Ideally, workshop should be planned 2-month ahead, because any event to be hosted in SUTD needs to submit Event Proposal 1-month prior to the actual date of event.
  • Before Event:
    • Event Proposal will be drafted and submitted by 3DC on behalf of you, and you will be the person-in-charge and the "Workshop Director" for this event.
    • TA recruitment.
    • 3DC will work with you on event publicity, which includes:
      • Email (e-Poster)
      • Website
      • Social Media (3DC instagram etc)
  • During Event:
    • Recording / streaming
    • TA
    • Moderation
  • After Event:
    • Feedback form
    • Post-workshop review
    • AAR Submission