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Recess Week Challenge 2020: A Minecraft Story

Last updated: 19/10/2020

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3DC Recess Week Challenge is a great way to kill off spare time, or to learn a new skill during this recess week! Follow through our Minecraft-themed story to learn to do some basic coding, solve algorithm questions, try out your hand at deploying a cloud-based web application, compete in a time-based coding challenge and win prizes!


The 3DC recess week challenge comprises three main parts:

  1. Cloud-based lab to deploy a simple web application with REST API (24/10/20)
  2. Daily Hackerrank own-time-own-target coding challenge (26/10/20 - 28/10/20)
  3. Time-based coding challenge on Hackerrank (30/10/20)

You do not have to complete the challenges or labs on the day they are released. Just submit them before the deadline on 31/10/20 1500 (Saturday). However, those who complete the time-based coding challenge faster will rank higher, so try to start working on that challenge as soon as it is released!


1st Place: Raspberry Pi Model 4B+ 4GB RAM

Prize for Top 5 Freshmore Students: $5 GrabFood Voucher each
Prize for Top 5 Non-ISTD Pillar-Year Students: $5 GrabFood Voucher each
Prize for Top 5 ISTD Students: $5 GrabFood Voucher each

Register for the challenge here.

Check out the leaderboard, or submit your cloud-based lab over here.

All links to the 3DC challenges will be posted here.

Challenge Difficulty Release Date Points
Teaser Challenge: Steve and Sheep Medium 23/10/20 (Friday) N/A
Cloud-based Lab: Sheep-as-a-Service Medium 24/10/20 (Saturday) 20:00 200
Hackerrank Challenge 1: Steve's Wheat Farm Challenging 26/10/20 (Monday) 09:00 100
Hackerrank Challenge 2: Steve vs Prof Oka! Easy 27/10/20 (Tuesday) 09:00 100
Hackerrank Challenge 3: Irritgating Steve Medium 28/10/20 (Wednesday) 09:00 100
Hackerrank Timed Challenge: Enderdragon Fight! Hard 30/10/20 (Friday) 14:30 200

Scoring Guidelines

  1. Both the Hackerrank non-timed and timed challenges will be graded by Hackerrank's automated scoring system.
  2. The Cloud-based challenge will be graded automatically. Please use this link to test your website.
  3. Placement is graded based on total score. In the event of a tie, timing for the hackerrank timed challenge will be used as a tiebreaker.